State of nation

My nation is in
state of dis-nation

Due to this state
-with no precedent-
of my nationality
I ask for poetic asylum
among words
and imaginary places
with the right to work
in another nation
in another state.

Witness and part

Today I just thought about you, dear Allen Ginsberg. After posting my last poem I was unsatisfied. I had a look at my copy of Howl – always on my bedside table- and I have thought that you would like to come and walk the dog with me, so we can talk about how times have changed, how I feel witness and part.

I see the best minds of my generation to work for a mediocre salary and pay a mortgage of 40m2.

I see how they lost their homes and they have to keep on paying till they haven’t reached the moment to retire.

I see people without a job, without unemployment assistance, without a close future.

I see the most prepared generations of our history to look for the boarding gate and leave, as it happened during the years that this country was less free.

I see how precariousness takes over our lives, we that had everything our parents couldn’t have. We what had everything that hour children won’t have.

I see rage, indignation, full streets, boiling squares.

I see tax havens, patients without attention, attics in Marbella, schools without heating.

I have seen you, dear Allen Ginsberg, howling in madness, hysteric, naked. I have seen you looking for a dark place to love, I have seen you pursuing Cassidy in Denver. Tell me, you that saw Walt Whitman and Lorca, how did you manage not to fall in the despair of a lost generation, advice me, I also have the sensation that I have given everything, and I am nothing now.

Tell me is this is enough, if syntax, grammar, and metaphor are enough. Because this country is not. Or it’s maybe too much. So I hang to this, dear Allen, because it’s the most sacred thing I have. Holly.

Register Office

Sir of the Register Office:
In your hands pass
Fears and dreams,
Treat them right,

When you return home
Remember that paper
With a name and two surnames,
Bearer of future,
Transmitter with permission.

May not fall into oblivion,
May not lost its destiny,
Remember the nervousness
Remember the signatures,
Sir of the Register Office.


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